You’re A Shinning Star

One occasionally hears talk or reads articles about the content of pop music and it usually gets a pretty bad rap. The snippet below, from FaceBook is an all too typical case;

Admittedly, in an effort to appear counter-culture and thus sell more records, the ‘bad boy’ content has been played up. Hell, even violinist Paganini played up rumors that he was in contract with the Devil. Maybe he was the one who started this particular sales tactic. This is kind of an unfortunate situation because, for one thing, it plays right into the hands of the religious right and drum banging about ‘religious freedom,’ which is freedom to do whatever and suppress whomever they want.

The other reason it’s unfortunate is there has been some great music made in this day and age. Music made by artists who take their place among the artist visionaries of yesterday and write about the great themes of Western Civilization. Yes, we’ve had them and they’re still there despite the establishments efforts to swallow them up wholesale.

I give you but one example;

Shining StarSong by Earth, Wind & Fire
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams will take you very far
But when you wish upon a dream
Life ain’t always what it seems
What’d you see on a night so clear
In the sky so very dear
You’re a shining star
No matter who you are
Shining bright to see
What you could truly be (What you could truly be)
Shining star come in to view
Shine its watchful light on you
Give you strength to carry on
Make your body big and strong
Born a man child of the sun
Saw my work had just begun
Found I had to stand alone
Bless it now I’ve got my own
So, if you find yourself in need
Why don’t you listen to these words of heed
Be a giant grain of sand
Words of wisdom, “Yes I can”
You’re a shining star
No matter who you are
Shining bright to see
What you could truly be.

That’s pretty crazy and unique; telling someone they’re a shinning star no matter who they are, yes? Not really. If you look, you will find this is a well taken up theme throughout history and why would this be?

‘Composers and artists are the visionaries of society.’ Dizzy O’Brian

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