You Are The Composer Of Your Own Life

Everyone, it seems, is fairly creative as a kid. Kids engage in games of imagination, at least I did. My friend Ricky and I were always playing make-believe types of games; we would take legos and constructor set parts and create ‘space cities.’ We would role play, being Batman and Robin or Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin. Small wonder that I grew up to be a composer. We would sit in our class and draw designs for robots, computers and submarines on the scratch paper.

I think every kid does this to some extent. As we ‘grow up,’ however, we are ‘taught to be logical.’ Imagination is discouraged and we are grounded in reality because this is ‘normal.’ But what is reality and what is normal? These are just agreements, really, and though they do have some survival advantages, a lot of it is just about thought control. The average person thinks as if there is someone checking in on his thoughts all the time and they need to have approval. The person is afraid that, if his thoughts get too far afield, he will be crazy and disaster will strike, so he largely thinks the way most of the people in his group think.

There is a long history on this that includes public stonings, secret police and implants, so there is a societal conditioning at force here. But really, a person can think whatever they like, which is a stunning thought in itself. And, really, your ability to control your own thoughts directly determines the kind of life you create for you are the composer of your own life. If you live your life the way others tell you to, it is still you who created it because you accepted and allowed this to go on. At any point, you could make the decision to do that or to have your own thoughts and take a different course of action.


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