Your Own Opinion

In our society, we tend to rely on the opinions of ‘authorities.’ We look to the media to get our information, when really it’s a lot of misinformation without any reference to the source. In music and art, people look to critics and what is reported to be popular trends. People actually know this and say they are too busy to be doing their own research into things and so they choose a source to supply them with their information.

There is, however, societal conditioning at play whereby a group tends to monitor and enforce the thinking of its members. This goes back to ancient times where breaking one of the many commandments of God would put you outside the ‘Body of God,’ kind of like that Star Trek episode where they kept asking ‘are you of the body?’ Being outside the body was not a good place because none of the societal restrictions (commandments) would apply to you anymore and the other people within the body could do whatever they wanted to do to you (and did) without fear of judgment from God. This is the mechanism whereby one religious group can go in and exterminate another group of people, while committing the most barbarous breaches of their own moral codes.

Now this ‘Body of God’ thing was purely a mechanism that would keep a single individual in power. This person was an Authority because they either were God or they were the only one who could talk to God. In the Old Testament, you read of ‘Judges.’ These were the Pharaohs in power who were the only ones who could talk to God. Anyone else who said they could talk to God were promptly taken out and stoned to death.

Now music and art are very subjective fields and outside of the basic rules regarding the technical execution of these arts, there are no hard and fast rules or even definitions of what they are. I think this puts them on the forefront of the new frontier; that of people being able to and taking responsibility for thinking for themselves. So, in music and art, as in everything else, it’s your own opinion that matters.

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