Well The Rain Exploded With A Mighty Crash

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So what happened at the Peabody? Well, first we learned about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and saw that in action. As you may recall, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity goes like this;

_____N___________ = Cool 2
N 10
Where N equals Nerd over the quality of Nerd to the tenth power, which then equals Cool squared, or, to put it another way, if you take someone who is a bit of a nerd and insert them into a nerd-rich field or environment, they can actually appear to be somewhat cool in comparison to everyone around them.
This is a constant that holds true whether you are approaching the nerd or moving away from the nerd.
This is precisely what happened. The group of friends I fell in with, Dave (Big Nose,) Fuji and the other Dave, as well as a number of others in the outer circles were indeed imbued with some nerd characteristics, and otherwise we would not have been there in the first place.
Just how we all came to be there also kind of defies belief, but nevertheless it happened. Now, since we had each previously, while in high school, surrendered a few of our nerdish ways for the occasional jay and were experimenting with hard rock, we were, by the physical laws stated above, the coolest thing on campus.
This created a disturbance in the nerd-field, which we found amusing and so we pushed it for all it was worth.
We turned the Peabody into our own private Woodstock. Actually we went above and beyond Woodstock; we just never got any commendations for it. I personally threw in a good measure of Magick and Mysticism, just to make sure we were really and truly living on the edge.
Among the rites of passage that were involved with this was, of course, the first acid trip, which seems rather mild and innocent, compared to what followed. Anyway, this first trip was on Windowpane, the only Windowpane I ever saw in this lifetime and possibly the last remaining batch from Woodstock, who knows?
You might get an idea of how high I was when I tell you that I walked into a dorm room where my friends were playing the White Album and I had an epiphany. I not only understood the lyrics to the song that was playing but all lyrics to every song in The Beatle’s catalogue.
I sat down and started comparing them to Schubert, all considerations of music being complex or simple having been shattered in my mind, time boundaries as well, in my mind Lennon and McCartney could have been sitting in a coffee shop with Franz, comparing notes.
My friends were concerned. Did they succeed in getting me put away? Find out in the next email.

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