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Dizzy O’Brian is the stage name of Brian Beshore, a professional musician and composer of music in a pop/fusion style, who attended the Peabody School of Music in Baltimore. Brian’s broad, broad music base is reflected in his fusion style of composing. Whereas many a composer would shut them self up in an ivory tower in hopes of becoming an original, Brian’s philosophy is that one should take in as much and as many different styles as one can. Following this, one begins to form one’s own opinions on what one likes. As long as one’s opinions are educated, they entirely take precedence over ‘popular public opinion’ and certainly over ‘artistic authority’ as there really is no such thing.

One’s own opinions are their own artistic integrity and this is what one creates from, bottom line. The greatest composers of the past were simply writing music the way they liked to hear it. This idea was voiced by the late great author Ray Bradbury to a group of young writers. He said that, if you wanted to write, the first step was to read and read and then it would start coming back out. Dizzy upset his professors at music school with the assertion that music did not evolve but changed in a sort of pendulum way along the lines of fashion. These professors were in a state of electrification over what they considered to be ‘new music,’ that had ‘evolved into it’s ultimate form from the music of the late Romantic Period.

This ‘modern music’ is now over fifty years old and people are still calling it so. Modern music is an absurd term. There was modern music one hundred years ago and so on, so it’s really nothing more than a word. There is good music and bad music in all time periods and most all music styles. This brings us to the ridiculous labeling and stereo-typing of different music. As one example, people have developed this belief that jazz and classical are total opposites but nothing could be further from the truth; jazz and baroque music are two of the most similar styles of music in terms of musical practice. Many late romantic period composers were purposely imitating and incorporating jazz styling into their music. An example of this is Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring and he fully admitted to an appreciation of jazz in interviews. So, in the grand tradition of modern music, we have the composer Dizzy O’Brian.

More About Dizzy O’Brian’s Music

Dizzy O’Brian’s music has made it into the top 40 of Reverb Nation a number of times and has been consistently at the top of the charts in other music sites. The Fan Mail has grown to almost three thousand and fan feedback has been invariably positive. To read fan comments, click on What People Are Saying. One of the most popular tracks has been “Rhapsody in Black.” Some of the fan comments on this track are as follows;

“Rhapsody in black” … Love this tune, it’s pure magic!!

Roshel Wesley.
“Hi i love ur music and the #1, Rhapsody in Black. I love tht trak!”

Alen Morgan

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