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Instrumental Music by Dizzy O’Brian

My love of instrumental music started as a very young boy in kindergarten when I was rummaging through my father’s record collection and found a recording of Beethoven’s 6th Symphony. This symphony is called ‘The Pastoral’ because it is a musical depiction of different scenes in nature. Beethoven, it seems, loved nature and took long walks for his inspiration. Anyway, I flipped over this piece as I also shared a deep love of nature. Later I would take weeklong hikes on the Appalachian Trail with my friend Dave during spring breaks in music school.

Through grade school, though, I had a friend next door named Billy and we were very competitive; if he liked Chevys, I liked Fords and so on. He liked the Beatles, so I stayed with Beethoven.

In music school, though, things changed...

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The Birth Of The Pop Classical Music Fusion Revolution

In music, fusion means the bringing together or mixing of seemingly different musical genres to create a new musical genre. An example of this would be ‘Celtic Punk,’ where traditional Celtic music would be mixed together with elements from ‘Punk’ music. The new genre title usually tells the story. Often times this comes about sort of naturally and accidentally although bands can deliberately do so to create a new and unique sound or to reach a wider audience. This is also referred to as crossover music. One might think that pop classical music fusion would be quite a reach, but it’s not and here’s why;

What one generally thinks of a ‘Classical’ music is really three or four very different periods of music that stretch back to the sixteen hundreds and before...

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