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Misunderstanding Lyrics In Popular Songs

Being a songwriter I can’t help but notice lyrics in popular songs I hear so, when people misunderstand lyrics or (just as often) I am misunderstanding lyrics, I find it very funny. I mean, here’s a song that you like and listen to all the time but you are misunderstanding lyrics and that seems to change the song considerably, at least to me. For example this song they play on the radio all the time now where this guy is singing ‘don’t call me daughter.’ That just can’t be right. If those are the lyrics, he needn’t worry on that account. In the first place I don’t have a daughter and, if I did, she wouldn’t be a dude so he doesn’t have to worry about me calling him daughter.

Then there’s that Yes song where the backup vocalists sound like they are singing ‘toast on a stick...

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